Friday, March 4, 2011

Run, Just Run


I don’t know why but exercising is always so difficult. It sort of reminds me of grocery shopping. I dread going and conjure up a dozen excuses not to go. Once I finally get there, I actually enjoy myself only to find I am dreading going again the next time.

Exercise is important. I know I feel better when I run, do aerobic step, ride my bike, or use the elliptical trainer. I have a great set up in my basement. I don’t even have to go to a gym. And yet, here I sit composing on my laptop, drinking a cup of coffee, and scheming about why I should not don my yoga pants and plunge down to my basement for a half hour of heart saving activities.

My students would be ashamed of me if they only knew that the teacher who constantly talks about how important it is to exercise your heart and make the muscle stronger is a slacker who would rather sit on the couch and compose while taking in another cup of caffeine.

Well, I would love to keep telling you about my shameful ways just a bit longer but my guilt overwhelms me and I am now ready to take responsibility for my body and plunge into the deep dark dungeon for a run. Yes, I said a run. During the winter when the snow banks are high and the wind howls I run with my Wii along the Golden Gate listening to the birds chirp, following other runners who probably procrastinate just like me.


  1. Good for you to get up and go! Me, I am still sitting here reading and commenting with my coffee, but when the coffee is gone I will get out and walk. You have inspired me!

  2. I wrote about running today too. I know what I need to do but getting out and doing it is another thing altogether. Same with writing - need to embrace that just do it mentality. enjoy your run!

  3. Dear Wanda,
    I like how you created the little moment of surprise in your last paragraph. Your attitude to the whole exercising idea is well expressed. I can imagine that most of us reading your post can relate to it.

  4. Ack!! A fellow exercise-procrastinator! I laughed when I read the section about how you know all the good reasons for exercise and can extol the benefits for anyone who will listen. I can do the same, but unlike my SIL who thinks going out for a run is a good time (and she looks forward to it), I am a reluctant exerciser. I'd much rather sit and sew a seam. Or a field of flowers. Or surf the web. Yes, like you, I do the exercise, but it's not a natural impulse.

    love this post!
    Elizabeth E.

  5. Wanda,
    What your post alerts me to is the internal battles we wage over exercise -both of the mind and the body. The secret is getting the balance right. That way the levels of guilt are kept at a more reasonable level. They dont disappear -we just manage them better. I liked the focus on the internal voice in your writing.


  6. I have been working really hard this year to not let that voice that thinks of so many excuses to not exercise be too powerful. I have been doing better than ever in my adult life, but it is definitely not second nature yet! I am glad that you were able to do your workout.