Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Day Off


So yesterday I shared how I got to have Friday off. Today I am sharing what I did on my day off.

  • Sliced and commented on other slicer’s pieces
  • Exercised
  • Baked granola
  • Baked chocolate chip granola cookies with the freshly baked granola
  • Cleaned up the kitchen I messed up
  • Read on my nook (a book I am struggling to get through…only 100 more pages)
  • Made and shared lunch with my husband
  • Scooped dog poos outside in the rain
  • Sent a thank you not to my principal for letting me have the day off
  • Napped
  • Started my new slice for tomorrow

It was a lovely, quiet, rainy Friday and I did exactly what I wanted.


  1. I love the list. And glad you got your trade-off. I saw Lester two years ago and he just knocked the socks off the audience with his stories and pointed messages about teaching.

  2. Me too. Lists are great. What book are you reading on your Nook?

  3. Sounds like a lovely day! Isn't it great when we can take time to catch up and enjoy life. If you have never heard Lester, you are in for a treat!

  4. So glad you could enjoy your day off. It's wonderful to be able to complete the 'things' on your list even when you enjoy doing them.

  5. How lovely to have a day all to yourself. But I applaud your industry: two different types of cooking, reading, taking time for lunch with someone you love. It's these kind of days that are refreshing to one's soul!

    Elizabeth E.

  6. I love lists. Even if I lose them, I can remember what I write. Thank goodness for days off--times to slow down and have lunch with your husband!

  7. I'm a list lover as well. Sounds like a perfect day off from teaching to me!

    I'm also curious as to what book you are struggling through...