Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Husband


My husband is the kind of man that women wish for. He is always thinking about the kids and me. He puts the ones he loves first and himself second.

My husband is a Yankee through and through. He is careful with our money and opts to fix things himself instead of hiring out. He seldom purchases things for himself unless it is a tool to get the job done. And yet…if I want to splurge he puts up no fight. When the kids ask for help, it is there in a wink.

My husband works hard. He is in the public eye and takes much abuse. Somehow he compartmentalizes it, so we do not become victims as well. He never takes out his frustrations on his family. Like cream, when he walks through the door, we rise to the top.

My husband is intelligent, funny, good looking, and the most honest person I know. And… I am the very lucky woman who calls him, my valentine.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A White Miracle

Another snow day in the northeast has blanketed us with a fresh fluffy wrap. I keep gazing out the windows…watching. Watching the snow banks grow, watching the birds flit to the feeders, watching limbs receive the light white covering protecting them from winter’s harshness…or so it seems.

One would think after fifty plus years of snowstorms, it would just be another day but I am always drawn to the snow. It presents itself like magic each time it arrives. I think about moving to a warmer location for the winters but there is something almost therapeutic about snowstorms. I retreat inside to read, bake, perhaps sit by the fire. Warm soups and stews simmer on the stove.

Later as the storm subsides, I will take great pleasure in keeping the feeders full for my feathered friends. Squirrels will peek out of their nests to spot extra seeds upon the ground and race each other to a gluttonous feast. My dog and I will embark upon an outdoor adventure of shoveling, hiking to the water’s edge, and racing up a snow bank to be queen of the mountain (she always wins).

Another snow day in the northeast. I think I will stay and enjoy it for a while.