Friday, March 18, 2011

Where are the Deer?

My husband and I live in a wooded area along a fresh water estuary. The estuary is the confluence of six rivers coming together to make their way to the Atlantic as one. Our front and back yards are usually teaming with wildlife. There are eagles, osprey, killdeer, ducks, owls,turkeys and songbirds. Fox build their dens along the river as do beaver and muskrats. Deer and moose wander along the river’s edge and skate across the ice to the islands in the winter. We have high powered binoculars, a digital  camera, and a digital video camera to help us capture and record the animal events in our yard.

Last winter was a rough one with a lot of snow. The coyotes chased the deer on the ice and took down many. Others died from lack of food. The spring and summer deer sightings were few. This fall and winter the sightings were even fewer. I have lamented all winter how sad it is that our four legged white tail friends are no longer with us.

This morning, as I pulled out of my driveway and started to accelerate, I saw movement off to my right. I turned my head to see six large deer leaping through the slushy snow headed for the road and me! I had to make a split second decision whether to brake or speed up. As I zoomed by they all stopped and watched me. Maybe they missed me too.


  1. It sounds like they probably did. I can se them in my minds eye. Do you illustrate your notebooks?

  2. Welcome back :). I haven't seen our deer in a while. I can't wait to welcome them back. Spring?

  3. We have a lot of deer around us too, but we've been worried that the heavy snowfall this year would kill many. We are still a few weeks away from "real spring" but I am hopeful to see the deer grazing in the fields soon!

  4. They were probably looking for you, but remind them to wait until you pass! We live in a fairly populated addition that still has farmland nearby. Deer visit us all year long. This year I was able to see a deer munching on our bushes right in front of our front door at night. I even put the bright lights on, and he didn't care!! Afraid to move and get my camera. They are beautiful animals but I fear driving into them--they're all over the roads here.

  5. Your description of where you live makes me so envious. What beautiful things you must see. I liked that you take the time to notice what has been missing, & celebrate when you find the beauty again.

  6. My class of first graders read my piece. Here are some of their comments...
    "I like how the ending closed it up."
    "You made me wonder if they deer were going to hit you."
    "I like that you used big words like binoculars and accelerated."
    The whole class noticed I used accelerated too often and suggested I could replace on of them with...went faster, speeded, or pushed on the gas pedal.
    I noticed I left of second from split second...there is revision to be done!