Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Arrived this Weekend


If you live in the northern tier of our country and you have experienced an active weather winter, it is natural to strain your neck looking for any sign of spring in March. Now there is still snow on the ground and the night temps are continue to dip into the 20’s but surely there has to be something outside that says spring. I did a lot of looking yesterday and here is what I found…

  • daffodils poking up through the ground near our foundation
  • rain and fog falling instead of snow
  • day time temps in the high forties
  • cracks in the ice along the shoreline and perpendicular to the shoreline
  • water running through the swale gurgling its way to the river
  • little patches of grass on south facing slopes 
  • deep green roof shingles instead of winter white
  • the powerful smell of a skunk
  • the noisy coast guard cutters breaking through the ice up river, preventing ice jams and floods
  • a black winding driveway (the luge is gone)
  • daylight saving time
  • a yearly trip to the golf expo, checking out the latest clubs, trying to win a free round, and perhaps buying a new pair of shoes

Yes, spring is here!


  1. Wanda,
    Your list of signs of Spring is a beautiful homage to the present moment. I admire your attention to detail and your natural surroundings. This is an inspiring exercise in mindfulness. Here in Tallinn, we hit 37 degrees for the first time since mid-November. Yipppeeee.

  2. This makes me want to go out and search for signs of spring here. So far, we are still waiting, though the snow has melted...mostly.

  3. Slowly but surely spring signs appear. I'm glad to see they have started to show up in your world. You have some rather unusual ones that I would never experience. Coast guard cutters a sign of spring? Interesting!

  4. Yes, finding your black driveway is huge. Keep looking!

  5. Glad you are finding signs of spring. It's so refreshing. I heard birds chirping this morning. Delightful.:)MaryHelen