Thursday, March 10, 2011

While on the Ice, It is Not Just a Game


Last night my husband and I attended a play-off hockey game at a local college. We attend as many home games as possible during the regular season. The play-offs are always more tense and more exciting.

This game had all the elements of a great hockey game. There were many penalties including several majors and even a DQ. Each team dominated a period and then swapped ends of the ice in the third. Pucks went into the stands, sticks flew across the ice, and goalies were pulled from their nets and then driven back into their nets diving for the puck. There were fights, complaints to the refs, and fans cheered and booed alike.

These young men gave all that they had to win a game they train for year round. Each team came to win and try to win they did. It was 1-0 and then 1-1, and then 2-1. The last 19 seconds seemed to last forever but when the buzzer sounded  our Polar Bears were victorious. Each team lined up and skated past the other shaking hands and bumping fists. The hard checking, fast skating, game was over. The intensity dissipated as the team members morphed back to civility.


  1. You reminded me why I love soccer (oddly, there are some similarities to hockey). I can't wait until the MLS season begins later this month.

  2. I can just hear the click, click of those sticks at a hockey game. Your description read fast, like the games go. Nice style for a hockey game.