Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Classy Place


Last night my husband and I went to a little independent theatre to see The King’s Speech. The theatre is nestled amongst a strip of shops. It offers up one or two movies every few weeks. Many of the movies, made by independent film-makers, never make it big.

Going to this movie theatre is like stepping back in time. There is one person manning the ticket counter which doubles as the snack counter. People get stacked up waiting for the snacks and tickets. Upon entering the theatre old movie theatre seats (probably hand me downs from one of the bigger theatres) and several very used sofas and chairs with dowdy blankets and throws covering their worn facades greet you.The screen is about half the size of a modern theatre and the speakers are a couple black stereo speakers you or I would have in our homes twenty years ago.

The theatre is not quiet but the goers are speak softly. The room dims and the trailers begin. Chuckles are heard from the audience during the more humorous glimpses of movies to come. Then the movie we all have been waiting to see, begins. A hush falls over the room. The audience is hooked from the start. They listen and watch respectfully as the artful story is told.

The end comes much too soon. I am comfortable snuggled next to my honey and thoroughly entertained by a story that must inspire everyone who sees it. It is classic: human conquers a challenging deficit with help, hard work and perseverance. This time, the human is a king.

We exit out a door near the bottom of the theatre, single file, all extoling the acting prowess of the two men who dominated the screen. It was a great movie in a quaint little movie theatre with an appreciative audience…a perfect night out.


  1. I've not yet seen this movie, but I've wanted to. You described your setting so well that now, I want to see it in that setting!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening. You've done such a good job describing it. It's good to spend time with your honey and relax.

  3. I loved reading this. I definitely want to see the movie. Sounds like a memorable, relaxing evening.

  4. What a great description. Setting does matter.

  5. The line, "People get stacked up waiting for snacks and tickets" really sticks with me. We used to have a theater, like the one you described, near our house. Yes, it did take a little longer to get tickets and popcorn but it was a family business and it was nice to see people be understanding and respectful as they waited their turn.

  6. I like small venues too - I've got this movie on my list - and if I can't be choosy about the venue - I guess I'll wait to watch it at home!