Monday, March 28, 2011

Running is a More than a Challenge

Most of my life, I have run for small periods of time. It feels like something I should do. I love the challenge physically and mentally. Notice I said, “small periods of time”. I always give up. My legs hurt, I get shin splints, my lungs feel like they will burst. My back aches and the bottom of my feet hurt no matter how many times I am fit for the “just right” running shoe.

Two years ago, my husband and I purchased a Wii. We bought it specifically to exercise with through the winter and to play virtual golf. I started out with yoga and step. Gradually I moved on to running ten minutes, then twenty, then thirty. My husband purchased some pressboard flooring to go over our concrete floor in the basement so my pounding would not hurt me so much. Virtual running was easy for me. I ran in place watching beautiful scenery go by. I went up hills without getting winded, and the flat terrain I was really running on was not taxing on my body. I got results running 3-5 miles three days per week.

Our school has a spring running club for the students K-5. Last week I volunteered to help our phys-ed teacher with the club two days per week. I thought it would motivate me to graduate from my Wii to real running. So…this morning at 35 degrees with the wind blowing 20 mph I dawned my outdoor gear and started an easy 2 mile run. The wind pelted my face. The pavement was not forgiving to my feet and back. I had to move from pavement to shoulder to avoid traffic. I stopped five times just to catch my breath.

I would like to give up. It would be easy to go back to the basement and turn on the Wii. This is why I promised the phys-ed teacher. I knew I needed greater motivation than my own. This challenge is bigger than me. I need the kids to spur me on. What I am really looking forward to…is bike season.


  1. You sound like a person with 'true grit', making goals, figuring out what works, then re-making goals to do things better. It's great you're modeling for the students. Why don't you try sharing what you're feeling? I wonder if some of them are feeling the same way?

  2. Brrr you are brave for running in the cold. Your reflection is great.

  3. You are a brave soul...running is something I have always planned to take up...someday!

  4. That external motivation is huge! I restarted a running routine last summer with the help of my daughter as a running partner. Those cold, wet days are the hardest. Keep going!