Saturday, March 19, 2011



Yesterday morning when I left for school, the river was covered with ice. There were some pressure cracks and some pooling water spots from runoff but the river was covered with ice.

Yesterday afternoon when I came home, the river was covered with ice. There were more cracks and larger pools of water but the river was covered with ice.

An hour after I arrived at home, a channel opened up along the river bank.

Two hours after I was home, ice opened to the south and to the north of the island across from us.

I think when I get up in the morning, the ice will be gone.

Alas, when I got up this morning, there is still some ice on the river and it is snowing!


  1. I was watching the ice yesterday also. It was really pretty solid two days ago, but chunking up yesterday and by afternoon there were some minibergs floating. The nice thing about the snow today is that it absolutely cannot stay! I laugh at its vain attempt to make winter! ha-HA! (emphasis on last ha...)

  2. I bet you feel someone pressed the pause button. You keep experiencing the same scene it won't go forward. I hear your voice so clearly. Shall we share a cup of java?

  3. We had 75degree weather on Wed. & woke up with a covering of snow on Thursday. I cannot decide what is proper to wear anymore! Spring is indeed trying out for a part, but so far hasn't been chosen. Your observations of the river were nice, time after time. What a view you must have!

  4. It will come. Sometimes I'm like the children and I can't wait until spring either! Actually I can't wait until summer. But you really gave me a nice picture of the river. I'm ready for the warm. Thanks for sharing. Happy Slicing! :)

  5. Oh my gosh. I don't know why I wasn't expecting the end! I thought the repetition of the phrase "River covered with ice" made the piece flow.