Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Slicing Friend, Donna

Donna and I are on the same first grade team. Last year we shared two rooms in an “open” classroom of sorts. We learned how to navigate through our shared door without interrupting each other too much. We learned how to work in our classrooms without disturbing each other too much. Most importantly, we had the opportunity to chat it up each day and really get to know each other; sharing family stories, joys, sorrows, frustrations and a lot of laughter.

I am telling you about Donna, because just before the March SOLC began, I sent out an email to all the teachers and ed-techs in our building informing them about The Two Writing Teachers blog and the Slice of Life Challenge. I invited everyone to join me and write for the month. Donna is the only person who accepted my invite.

Having a friend join the SOLC made the experience even more meaningful than last year. I continued to read all of your posts and make many comments. I continued to write my pieces and race home to find out what you all had to say. But this year, I got to talk to Donna about struggling through a piece or an inspiration for a piece or how I shared our writings with my class. I knew she really understood what I was talking about. She was experiencing it too.

Thank you Donna for making my slicing more meaningful. And thanks to all of you, Slicers, for helping me to grow as a writer, a teacher, and a person.


  1. Thanks for letting me know about SOL! This has been the "most awesomest" experience. I'm glad I didn't miss it! Can I continue on Tuesdays now?

  2. Let's challenge ourselves to continue on Tuesdays...

  3. That's so great that you were able to slice with your friend & colleague! That gives me the idea to invite other teachers from my school next year to join in on the challenge as well! I've enjoyed reading your posts. :)
    --jee young

  4. It must have been so nice being able to chat about the slices together. I know that I giggled about plenty of them and would have loved to giggle with a friend. I look forward to continuing on Tuesday's and keep up with your blog.

  5. Hi Wanda, I did the same thing, & we did have two for a while, but one has dropped out. My other slicing buddy is cspetersen (or prose cents). We have not seen each other as much because we work in different areas of the building, but when we have, it's been so much fun to share. I love it that you all are together & look forward to 'hearing' from you again on Tuesdays. What a nice tribute to your friend & colleague, too!

  6. It is fun when worlds collide (online and face-to-face). Thanks for inviting other teachers to join. It's fun to be part of a writing community and gives us so much insight into young writers. Can't wait to continue reading your slices on Tuesdays.
    Happy writing,

  7. I loved hearing how you got to slice with a friend--I did too! I had 2 people willing to join me, and has been great to have them there to read, write, encourage, and support.

  8. Lovely to have a friend in all things, and especially writing things. I have a buddy at my college--but I didn't find her until I'd been there a few semesters (lonely semesters). Now we talk nearly every day and trade emails. It's been so nice to have a colleague friend.

    And I have loved following you around on the comments stuff--reading your comments and agreeing with you 99% of the time on all things. We should meet up some day!

    See you next year--
    Elizabeth E.

  9. I am hoping that I can get a colleague or two to join me next year. I lurked for a long time before I took the plunge.