Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sleep Young One, Sleep

As his plane sits on the tarmac, I imagine my youngest son shifting his weight on his seat, exhaling excess carbon dioxide with nostrils flaring, and rapping his on fingers on his arm rest.

Ryan’s destination is Barcelona but his journey has been temporarily hijacked by who knows what airline complication. Just the eight hour flight in the air requires a great amount of patience on his part. Since he was a young boy, being in the confines of a car, plane, bus, or train has made him uneasy; almost a bit claustrophobic.This delayed start is sure to be painful for him.

The mom in me can only hope he finds a way to sleep once airborne. Sleep will bring him the calm he needs to get through the ordeal of traveling, waiting, being delayed, and being cooped up in a small space. Sleep will bring his girlfriend relief as he ceases to fidget, sigh, and pace.

Travel well young son. Enjoy your time abroad. And let sleep find you when you feel angst.




  1. Our two sons in Barcelona! Although they are so far away, the world is a smaller place with skype, FB, etc., and keeping in touch is relatively easy. It still doesn't change how much they're missed and the lack of presence, however. Such a wonderful, life enhancing experience for our children! Thinking of you as your son begins his journey abroad.

  2. How did it turn out? Did he arrive safely?

  3. Yes he did. He called tonight to say that there were only 40 people on a 767. There was lots of room he paced but he did not sleep!

  4. Whew Wanda, I could feel for you as I read your words. I remember the day our daughter left to study abroad in Australia. Even though it freaked me out, I constantly checked the flight tracker to see where the plane was located. Hearing his voice tonight was surely music to your ears. Best wishes your son. I hope he has a fabulous experience!