Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full, Half Full, or Empty?

When my plate is full, really full, I have to stay focused. I have to be really organized. making lists and crossing items off the lists as they are completed. The more I have to do, the more organized I become. The more organized I become, the more I want everyone else to be organized as well. I am like a drill sergeant pushing myself and barking at others.

When my plate is half full…I maintain a rhythm but it is apt to skip a beat now and then. I might forget something, misplace an item, or put a job off for another day…If a friend drops in and suggests a change of plans I can go with it guilt free knowing there is enough time to get back on track.

When my plate is empty, I have no expectations. I dally and leave things incomplete; starting and stopping whenever I please. I change focus often leaving sentences trailing, laundry midstream, and the gas tank empty. There is seldom a sense of completion or satisfaction. In fact, it feels like I am living outside myself.

If I could choose my plate, I would choose the half full plate. The half full plate keeps me focused but not too busy to enjoy an occasional segue.It offers me structure with room to maneuver. Yes, the half full plate is what I am looking for…maybe I’ll find it in January!


  1. Hmmm...half full,that sounds great Wanda. I agree. That's why I love my Mondays where people come to me and I don't have to leave my apartment. Beats the 6AM shower.

  2. It's always better to see it as half-full. I think optimism breeds hope; hope allows us to get things done effectively.
    Be well.

  3. I love your rationale... and I agree with you, too! :-)

  4. Wow - what great thoughts, and put so perfectly into words! I had never thought about it before in this way. Rather, I just always thought I appreciated being "kept busy". This is a much better way to explain what keeps me fueled!

  5. I keep thinking that it will be half full but then something else comes along. i think its just about finding a balance. I tend to take on more when i am feeling more empty!

  6. I agree with you - I just wish I could choose what I wanted to be on that "half full" plate!