Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Autumn Nesting

There is something about cool sunny days that makes me want to cocoon myself in my home to clean, rearrange, decorate and bake. I am no longer anxious to hit  the little white balls at the golf course, ride my bike or lounge on the docks in the sun. Instead I want to paint, hang curtains, dust, and make chocolate chip cookies. I don’t really understand this change but I have thought a great deal about it this past weekend.This autumnal nesting is not new to me. I experience it every fall. I buy pumpkins and mums to decorate the yard. I stand cornstalks against the porch post and fill the planter at the mailbox with gourds. There is always a room to redecorate with paint, rugs, and curtains. Our home is fresh, tidy, and filled with the smell of baking.I am ready to let go of summer and welcome the cool, clean fragrance of fall.


  1. There is nothing so wonderful about the change in seasons, even winter offers new opportunities. I could never live in a one-season place.
    I'm with you!

  2. Your post reflects two thoughts I had today:
    1) Buy some pumpkins and mums.
    2) Read on the porch rocker.

    I LOVE autumn. I'm so glad it's (almost) here.


  3. I think it is interesting to hear others write and speak of a "home" season - I know some of my friends do their nesting in the spring, I do it in the summer - but I do cocoon in the winter. I want to do nothing more than make pumpkin pie every weekend and curl up in my favorite chair and knit.