Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Husband


My husband is the kind of man that women wish for. He is always thinking about the kids and me. He puts the ones he loves first and himself second.

My husband is a Yankee through and through. He is careful with our money and opts to fix things himself instead of hiring out. He seldom purchases things for himself unless it is a tool to get the job done. And yet…if I want to splurge he puts up no fight. When the kids ask for help, it is there in a wink.

My husband works hard. He is in the public eye and takes much abuse. Somehow he compartmentalizes it, so we do not become victims as well. He never takes out his frustrations on his family. Like cream, when he walks through the door, we rise to the top.

My husband is intelligent, funny, good looking, and the most honest person I know. And… I am the very lucky woman who calls him, my valentine.


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