Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Dreams

The dreams have returned. You know, those pesky little dreams about school. When August rolls around they begin to appear randomly at first and with more frequencey the closer the first day of school. Some of them have former students in them, others allow me to see myself teaching and still others are more like nightmares as I enter a room that has yet to be unpacked, lose my students, or show up without my clothes on.
Almost every elementary teacher I know has the dreams. I think it shows how hard everyone prepares for the beginning of a new school year. Much of that preparation taking place in our brains even as we sleep. I suppose we are rehearsing for the unexpected.
I wish you all sweet dreams this school year.


  1. At this point I'd prefer dreams over my aching shoulders - I seem to be carrying the weight of the world in my sleep. It will subside but oh - for a massage!

  2. I thought I was the only one! I always know that I need balance in my life when I start having too many of those dreams.

  3. High school too. I still get them and I've been out of my HS classroom for 6 years.

  4. This middle school teacher has those dreams! The most recent one included a particularly difficult student I taught last year being in my class again...apparently she had been retained in my dream. I woke up in a panic! Thank goodness it was only a dream.